This site is a very simple website, made by a Professional Musician for "Sweet Relief." We want to put together a successful Annual Fund Raising Concert. Los Angeles is where the Concert will be held. It would be very helpful to me if someone would please donate time to making this site more polished and professional, as I am ill and recording my Debut Album now! I have a diagnosis of "Possibly Terminal" due to a rare condition. This is why I decided to help Sweet Relief. I realized, anyone can fall ill at any time. I am on the mend! I am really improving Thanks for the well wishes! I'm much stronger. Some never get the help they need. That is why this is SO IMPORTANT! Fill out the Contact form at the bottom to perform for the cause of universal compassion. It is secure and goes to Mr. Adams and is only shared with Sweet Relief. You may contact Sweet Relief on Twitter @SweetRelief .

I am dedicated and excited to play at the concert for "Sweet Relief", a CA based charity that helps those of us Musicians who have medical or other issues that are too serious to ignore. Artists who have reached the point where they cannot help themselves can apply for help through this noble charity. Musicians, Creators of All Music around the World, Whether Alternative, Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, etc. All who are interested in Unity and Creating a Caring Musical Revolution under the flag of the generation of Musicians that care for each other by supporting "Sweet Relief", please get in touch with us. Fill in the FORM below at the bottom of the page and we will contact you.

As Artists, we're different. We need to care for our own. We must care for those of us who have fallen on hard times, and be responsible enough as fellow artists to lend a hand and "pick them up". Endeavor to evolve deeply in your creativity in music and give to show your heart. You never know what one act of kindness, one performance donated, a signed guitar for auction can do. It will actually save, and greatly improve other musician's quality of life! We sincerely appreciate what any of you can do, and that can be a subject to discuss with us.

Please follow my lead, and donate one performance to "Sweet Relief"!  One issue for bands, artists, in donating a performance is the cost. We understand and I may have a solution. A way for many bands with different schedules and locations during tour season to come together.  Part of this concert could be done remotely. Bands can donate a streamed, live performance and concert goers in other countries or those who can't attend could purchase tickets like Pay-Per-View, all funds going directly to "Sweet Relief". This was done for "Live Aid" on TV before the internet.

I take art and technology very seriously when talking about the music industry. There is a shortage of bands out there, in my opinion, who dare to go the extra mile for a mind blowing organic musical experience. Certainly, there is a shortage of bands who do concerts like that which benefit others with that level of creativity. A good example of a band that dared to go where others failed musically and otherwise to is Pink Floyd and more recently, The Smashing Pumpkins.
They cared about the art in music above the money after a certain point in their careers as did the Beatles and it shows in these band's musical evolution. I pray we are fortunate enough to have these Artists contact us!

Music has been devalued in many ways. It is up to creative Songwriters, like us, to come together and show the world that in America, we care, and Art in music isn't dead and we can, must, and will put on a spectacular show! However, we need You!

As a member of the responsible musical community, I'd like to dedicate a performance by my Band," MIRAGE" to "Sweet Relief". (Approx. 3 weeks after creating this site I got a call from Bill Bennett, The President of Sweet Relief, telling me he is pleased and that he's into, and supports this benefit concert!) I am very grateful for his support. Now, we need YOU!
-Thomas Adams1 T1~ Songwriter, Guitarist & Vocalist of MIRAGE  ~
Love to All - Live in Peace and Be Well.

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